Educational Tours

Full & Half-day School Tours

  • The school programs at the Canadian Aviation Museum are aligned with the Ontario Curriculum Standards and will address local and national history, family and community life, immigration, technology, industrialization, engineering and general social study skills.


  • No student will be turned away due to economic hardship.
  • The facility is fully accessible.
  • There is no charge for teachers or parent supervisors.

Theory of Flight (Grade 6)

  • In our Theory of Flight program, we demonstrate the physics of flight and how they are applied in aircraft. These tours are aligned with Ontario Curriculum Standards and address local and national history, family and community life, immigration, technology, industrialization, engineering, and general social study skills.
  • Includes:
    • Full Day Session (4.5 hours)
    • Seminar on the principles of flight including Bernoulli’s Theorem and Newton’s Laws, the Coandă effect as well as the contributions of Sir George Cayley and Otto Lilienthal on flight controls, and forces acting on aircraft
    • Demonstration of flight controls and parts of an aircraft
    • Experiments demonstrating air pressure and aerodynamic forces
    • Regular hangar tour
    • Paper airplane contest in the main hangar
  • Lunch tables are provided and tours can be modified to reflect other areas of aviation history.

Regular Tour

  • Includes:
    • Half Day Session (1.5 hours)
    • guided tour of all areas of the archives, main hangar including Lancaster and Mosquito restoration areas.
    • Sit in the cockpit of a CT-133 Silver Star jet.(Weather permitting)
    • Work the Lancaster upper gun turret.
    • Learn about the role Windsor played in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan with the establishment of No. 7 Elementary Flying Training School.
    • Learn the story of the Bad Penny and Operation Manna, the humanitarian food drops over Holland –

Additional, optional Classes

Grade 10 history covering the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP)

Operation Spread Your Wings

  • Is a special program specifically for students from inner-city /low income schools to participate in the full day Grade 6 Theory of Flight Course free of charge. This program, funded by generous corporate donations, also provides a nourishing lunch and covers bussing costs from the school and return. The program provides accessible learning experiences to ensure young students at these schools are not left out when their families cannot afford to support special educational opportunities for their children.

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